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We help companies, schools, organizations, and individuals from all over Alaska.

It's all about image...YOUR IMAGE and how to promote it

That’s what we are all about - helping you promote your image in the best way possible. Doing business in Alaska since 1981, Alaska Serigraphics has grown from a small t-shirt printer to a multi-disciplined promotional company that can put your image on just about whatever you can imagine.

Fantastic Customer Service

Customer service is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Our personalized service has kept customers returning and referring us for over 30 years. Our motto is: “You can tell a company by the companies it keeps.” Check out our clients area to view just a handful of our wonderful clients.

Best Showroom in the Industry

When it comes to finding the right product to put your “image” on, you need to see it, feel it and try it on. It’s pretty hard to do that from a picture in a catalog, which is why we have invested so much into our showroom. Here’s a quote from the leading consultant in the sceen-printing industry, Mark L. Venit, “in case your wondering which of the hundreds of showrooms I’ve visited personally wins my endorsement as the best in the industry, it’s at the home of Alaska Serigraphics in Anchorage, Alaska.”

People Make the Difference

Alaska Serigraphics’ employees are our most valuable asset. Our staff of talented, hard- working individuals provide our clients with one of the strongest production teams to be found. Key players have been part of the Serigraphics’ team for many years, reinforcing our commitment to continuity as well as growth. As a result, our customers feel a kinship to our team, knowing that the partnership we share with our clients is the same; our clients success is ours as well... and success comes through hard work and experience, of which we have plenty.

What’s in a Name?

The word “serigraphics” was coined in the early 1900’s to distinguish between “simple silk screen” and the “art of screen printing.” The word “seri” comes from the Latin word meaning “silk” and “graphos” is Greek for “graphics.” Together they mean “exceptional quality.”

Our History

Dave Powers is our fearless leader...but once upon a time long, long ago (1982), when Alaska Serigraphics was new and green, run by a workforce of only three, Dave came a knocking at the door. He was but an immature lad, fresh out of San Diego State University with a heap of education; a triple major of political science, economics and art plus a Masters in Printmaking. Dave came to Alaska Serigraphics seeking work that would satisfy his craving to create quirky, entertaining masterpieces of art. After one year spent learning every aspect of the screen printing business, Dave bought the company. Armed with fine qualities of diligence, attention to detail and a happy, positive attitude that Dave wears with him as goes about life, he watched Alaska Serigraphics double its business every year! Today the company employs over 30 happy, well-adjusted people who pamper and please their clientele throughout Alaska and beyond!

Here to Help

At Alaska Serigraphics, our team of printing professionals is on hand to answer any questions you have about our services. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our talented staff and attention to detail.

Why Choose Us

  • One-Off Designs or Volume Production
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Best In-House Design Services in Alaska
  • Top-Level Customer Service
  • Best Showroom in Alaska
  • Largest Screen Printer in Alaska
  • Alaska Owned and Operated for More Than 30 Years
  • Official Iditarod Promotional Gear Sponsor
  • Official Iron Dog Promotional Gear Sponsor
  • Contributor of Numerous Non-Profits and Charities
  • We ARE the Promotional Gear Company!

Community Spirit

Living in Alaska bestows a deep respect for the environment and the community in which we live. It may have something to do with our remote location or maybe because the land and weather can be harsh and unforgiving, regardless, there is an unspoken bond with the people that are our neighbors. Alaska Serigraphics contributes to numerous non-profits and community events and goes above and beyond in helping in any way we can.

Here's Just a Few of the Great Organizations We Help

  • Hope Community Resources
  • Alaska Run for Women
  • Kitty and K9 Connection
  • Koahnic Broadcasting, KNBA
  • Volunteers of America
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Alaska Special Olympics
  • Bethel Council for the Arts
  • American Cancer Society
  • UAA Lemon Day
  • Bean’s Café
  • Local Schools and Military

Associations & Memberships

  • Anchorage Chamber
  • Visit Anchorage

Our School & Military Program

The youth and the troops that protect us deserve as much support as we can provide. At Alaska Serigraphics we offer a program that greatly reduces the cost of printing. In essence, we charge at our highest quantity levels regardless of the amount of shirts ordered and we go a step further by reducing the costs of art and set-ups. I wish we could do it all for free but we tried that in the mid-’80s and soon found out that free is a word that means nothing if it is not earned.

Made in Alaska

We are big supporters of Made in Alaska and urge everyone to buy from an authorized Made in Alaska business. Whether it be Alaska Serigraphics or one of our competitors, we are all friends, your support is vitally important to the economic welfare or our state.

You Can Tell a Lot About a Company by the Companies it Keeps

Check us out, ask around and you will find out why we are #1...BECAUSE WE CARE!

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